Monday, 21 May 2012

Banshee short story

Following my redesigns for Project: Rooftop, I decided to make a short story (5 pages) to beef up my portfolio starring the whole Cassidy family in their new outfits. And Wolverine. 'Coz theres never enough Wolverine.

Resolved to go for a MUCH tighter approach to pencils than usual. Pretty happy with most of the panels.

For now.

Pencils only this time, I'll try to ink them as soon as Im not doing other stuff.

Punisher inks

I posted already some progress pages from this short story I did some time ago, and I thought I might as well put all the inked pages.

The original short story was 6 pages, but I selected 4 of them for inks, essentially for time-related issues.

Brush and dip pen on Bristol.

Look what Ive found...

Old page (about a year ago or so) form a 5-pages sampler I did for a 2000AD competition.

Looking back at it,  I think my anatomy and facial expressions are better right now, but Im still quite happy with most of the camera angles on it.

I thought I might share ;)