Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Project: Rooftop costume redesign: The CASSIDYs

Working on some still undisclosed project for now, so I'm posting a personal project form a couple of months ago. I'm a big fan of Project : Rooftop , a really cool superheroes' costumes redesign community open to submissions and last February I finally decided to do smthing for them:

my choice was the X-Men's Banshee and the other two members of the Cassidy family, his daughter Siryn from X-Factor and his villainous cousin Black Tom.

Banshee is an absolute favorite of mine, who I felt never had the chance to sport a cool costume... but then, researching the character better, what do you know? I found out he's currently dead... After the initial surprise, this new notion just "clicked" in my mind and I though of a whole new concept for the chap and his family...

So, in the current Marvel Universe, Sean Cassidy is dead. Let's imagine that for some mysterious reason, as often in comics these days, now he's better ;)
Since he came back from the dead, though, he hasn't quite been the same, avoiding the X-community and retiring back to his native Ireland, where he owns an old family castle. Here his cousin Black Tom approaches him asking his assistance in a quest that involves their family history and his estranged daughter Siryn gets involved too, flying all the way from the US... basically the idea was to turn Banshee into the Marvel Comics Indiana Jones, living all sorts of adventures that would delve into the supernatural/folkloristic while giving him the "Scooby-Doo" treatment: as he fights trolls, fairies or evil druids, these are revealed to be actually mutants or other supervillains.

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