Wednesday, 29 August 2012

New sketch + OHOTMU update

Back from a REALLY cool trip on a bunch of Greek Islands, and all I could think of was stuff I was going to ink and/or color when back home, how Id have completed some layouts I had left unfinished, stuff like that...

anyway, this is smthing Ive had in b/w for a while. Just colored it today. Oh, the 70s... The Gil Kanes, the John Romitas, the Gene Colans, the Mike Ploogs... they dont make comics quite like they used to, do they?

On other news, the second piece I contributed for the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe REDUX project is finally online, and I have to say I remembered it a bit worse... I finished my female ratio contributions, so for the other 3 entries that Im working on expect more testosterone.

See ya here more often, I hope.


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