Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Portfolio Pages - Daredevil

Been retreating for what seems like a HUGE amount of time to prepare a new portfolio (never get enough of those) for the DICE convention in Dublin at the end of this month.

Following advice I heard at a Joe Quesada panel, I decided to organize the whole thing in 3 mini-sequences of 3-4 pages each, to have a total of 12 pages, which by all accounts sounds just reasonable for a portfolio. Quesada was saying he used to divide his in "single character" stories and "team" stories, to show a more diverse variety of action and storytelling. I decided to follow that, doing a Marvel single character, a DC team and a sci-fi/horror thing for the third sequence, to tackle more Vertigo/2000AD adult themes.

So, heres my choice for the Marvel sequence: 3 pages of.. Daredevil! With a re-designed costume!

As usual, pencils on Bristol.


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