Tuesday, 9 October 2012

D.I.C.E. updates and some inked pages

Its been a while, I know.

Ive been to Dublin at the end of the month, to the DICE convention. Had an amazing weekend, met some truly incredible people, some of them fans, some of them fellow aspiring artists, some of them established creators.

Most importantly, had a truly OVERWHELMING feedback. Seriously, nothing I was even remotely prepared for. The sheer enthusiasm towards my stuff was utterly contagious, to the point that even I now dont hate those pages anymore. Not that much at least.

What now? In a perfect world some of the things that were discussed with the many people there during the portfolio interviews will happen, most likely won't. Been waiting for emails for most of the last week, decided that I couldnt possibly go on like that, started drawing again and catching up wth whatever I was doing before DICE, then went back to waiting again.

Lets see.

Oh, and here are the last batch of stuff I had prepared for the convention; didnt have time to put it here before leaving for Dublin, so here they are.

In case you were wondering, theyre the first 4 pages from a personal project mixing 2000AD-style sci-fi, Lovecraft mythos and sleazy '70s flicks, topped with a definite Buscema/Colan flair.

Who knows, if Ill like it enough maybe Ill even self-publish the bastard.

Oh, Windsor and Newton series 7 no. 2 and at least 3 different cheap dip pens on Bristol, for what its worth ;)


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