Monday, 19 November 2012

"Finally: American Vampire! Now with more blood!"

After a STUPIDLY long absence from this blog, due to working on several little things at the same time, I can finally breathe a bit and catch up with posting up here.

So, I can finally show some test pages that I did for the REALLY cool Vertigo editor Mark Doyle after meeting him at DICE con in Dublin. Mark sent me the script of an early issue of one of my fav books, go figure -American Vampire- and asked me to do a couple of pages from there. Again, just the fact that he found some time in his (I can only imagine) uber-busy schedule to write an AMAZINGLY detailed feedback email was astonishing, and of course hugely helpful for me to understand how some things I had never considered before can be added (or removed) to make for a better page.

Well, so here are the pages, in pencils...

...and inks (again, W&N 7 no.2 brush and a couple of small nibs):

Obviously, had a GREAT time with these. Hope to do some more soon, its great for the ego ;)


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