Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Back again...

Sorry for the absence, been working on a secret project for months now, and I can only start showing now the first outcomes, since the cat has been out of the bag on Facebook for a few weeks anyway:

Im doing the art for a miniseries of 3 for Atomic Diner. The book is "Glimmer Man", written by the always great Darrin O'Toole and published by Rob Curley, who also created the character.

Expect: a fresh pulp sensation, action, drama, some ever-so-often-overlooked historical accuracy and the origin of Ireland's first super-hero ;)

This is the first cover, Im also doing variants for all of the 3 issues, Ill show the one for issue 1 as soon as I get the OK from the publisher.

The inspiration here were 70s exploitation movie poster, with a particular eye to the AMAZING ones commissioned by AIP.

Blue lead, Pentel brushpen and a lot of Photoshop post-production.

See ya soon, hopefully it won't be THAT long until next time ;)


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