Wednesday, 4 September 2013

New old stuff

Been so taken with finishing Glimmer Man #1 lately (again, the book is out on Atomic Diner Press and you can find it for now at Sub-City Comics in Dublin) that I forgot to post colored pages from my short story (whic I also wrote) published in the 3rd issue of Lightning Strike magazine, of which I also drew the cover.

The book has been out of a while now so I dont think its gonna be a problem to post these.

This is my first double-page spread for the story, pages 3 and 4. Open in new tab for bigger view.

Story/art/colors/lettering by me. if youre interested in the book, drop them a line on Twitter at @LsComics or on their Facebook page here:

BONUS: added the cover to the same LS issue, sans logo. Hope ya dig it.



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