Thursday, 3 October 2013

Oh God, Finally!

JUST got back from DICE con in Dublin. And when I say "just", I mean 3 days ago, but thats how long it took me to unwind and get with my feet back on the ground:

YES, it was THAT good.

I got like, a MILLION things to announce and tell, but I promised myself I wouldnt allow myself more than 10 mins online today (LOADS and LOADS of pages to do), so I'm just posting the smaple pages I had the pleasure and privilege of showing to CB Cebulski, of Marvel fame. He liked them apparently ;)
As usual, open on separate tab to see them MUCH bigger.



And these are older, but he liked them too so I thought to post them again, for whoever hadnt seen 'em:

Cool, Im afraid thats really everything for now, I'll come back soon with a LOT of news, images and probably a name change to the blog. I'll explain later.

Peace out.


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