Monday, 4 March 2013

No, Im not dead + Finally! PAGES! And a lot of them!

Been criminally absent from these shores for a while now.

In my defense, you have no idea what PAIN and SUFFERING are if you never moved from one flat to another before. Took me more than two weeks to be back 100% operational in my new place. Plus, of course, an almost-penumonia which left me bed-ridden for more than a week. But now Im better.

What have I been up to in the meanwhile? PAGES, finally!

I finally got around a personal project of mine that MIGHT see the light earlier that I thought (at least in this) first incarnation and whaddayaknow, its the same project that gave this very blog its name:

Ladies and gentlemen, without much further ado, I hereby introduce you to... SPECTOR! The trailer! Pencils and inks!

Still not finished (the complete mini-story is 6 pages, so Im not THAT behind) and YES, that is my first two-pages spread, which took more time and pain to physically build and tape than actually draw...

Id like to explain more the concept and inspiration of the whole thing, but if youre familiar with the AMAZING fellow Italian artist Francesco Francavilla and what hes doing with Black Beetle at the moment, well, my project basically comes from the same humid and pulpy backstreet of pop culture ;)


+ BONUS! Two pieces I did to get in the right mood BEFORE the mini story: it started with one simple scene, imagined as a one-page teaser/ad for the story, then I decided to do another as a story-telling exercise in how to tell the same sequence in a different way. Then I decided to color them coz hey, why not. My first proper foray in to coloring. Cant shake the feeling its a bit amatorial but they were fun. And just to keep with the exercise, lettering is on its way!

Take care,


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