Wednesday, 20 March 2013


So, I got a busy and all with some things Im doing at the moment, but  got a moment (it actually took the whole fucking morning) to scan these pencil pages and prepare them for inking (turn them into blueline, fit them in a print template, add digital panel borders). Which means, finally theyre here.

I posted a long/useless process entry some time ago, with explanations on how I work from layouts to preliminary sketches to finished pencils. Its here.

Well, now you can finally compare those with the finished pencils. Inks are coming too. "When?" You ask. Fuck you.

Again, theyre from a collaboration with the VERY talented Dave Hendrick, hopefully the first of many more to come.

Btw, Ive also been penciling pages for a 20-smthing pages long crime story that should be out hopefully this year from Markosia publishing. Its gonna be inked by somebody else, which is new for me an Im kinda curious/excited to see the final pages. Im basically 2/3rds into the pages, and once Im over, Im gonna post the whole thing here. Like, the whole story, from start to finish. Unlettered and not inked, but hey, better than nothing. 

Thats it, now Im back to doing stuff.


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