Wednesday, 1 May 2013

OHOTMU - Baron Blood

My fourth (count them!) contribution for the more and more amazing Handbook of the Marvel Universe Redux project. If you never heard of it, first of all go read all my previous entries in which I talk about it, and then check it out but only when youre not under deadline coz, I guarantee you, you WILL spend hours unable to click away.


This time is a classic Captain America villain, from the Kirby period -I think: Baron Blood, the nazi vampire!

OF COURSE the first impulse was to indulge in the whole "Indiana-Jones'-nazis-adventure" kind of trope, but then I caught a glimpse of his bio and it said he was a Victorian gentleman and Im a huge fan of Hammer movies, so yeah -bye bye WWII nazi, welcome Phantom of The Opera with a Venice Carnival bat mask guy (also had a cool idea about the same mask for a Batman story, but I have a feeling thats gonna sit in my drawer for a loooong time).



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